The very first Sexual Tickling Specialty Salon opened in Shinjuku
Services available for both male and female players


  • For players who want to enjoy tickling our girls:

  • Basic services included in this course are: tickling, soft kiss, fellatio, 69, fingering
  • *Important Note: If you want to get naked to enjoy the play, you are required to take a shower with our girls prior to the play.
30 min 12,000 JPY
45 min 15,000 JPY
60 min 18,000 JPY
90 min 27,000 JPY
120 min 36,000 JPY
Extending the play time by 30 min 10,000 JPY
  • For players who want to enjoy being tickled and teased by our girls:
    (Note: Players who choose this course are NOT allowed to tickle our girl. )
  • Basic services included in this course are: tickling, soft kiss, fellatio
  • *Important Note: In this course, our girls will not get naked but wearing

30 min 10,000 JPY
45 min 13,000 JPY
60 min 15,000 JPY
90 min 24,000 JPY
120 min 33,000 JPY
Extending the play time by 30 min 10,000 JPY
Tickling play using various bondage goods that our salon lends 3,000 JPY
Tickling play using lotion that our salon provides 3,000 JPY
Tickling play using powder that our salon provides 2,000 JPY
Various gloves (for our girls to use during the play to tickle) 2,000 JPY
Tickling play using writing/painting brushes, feathers that our salon lends 2,000 JPY
Bring Your Own goods or toys for your tickling play
*Consultation with our
staff required

◆Important Note for Payment◆
*We can only accept Japanese Yen for payment.
*Payment in foreign currencies will NOT be accepted.
    ① Please call us for reservation.
  • Please call us with the caller ID display feature on with your phone. When you call us, dial 186 first, and then 03 6273 9078, so that we can confirm your phone number at our end. We will NOT take any anonymous calls to in order to avoid any troubles.
  • When we get your call, we will ask your preferred date & time, girl, service course (“Guri” course or “Gula” course) and whether or not you would like any optional services.
  • We could provide our services in or near Kabuki-cho area only.
  • We can provide our services in the following venues only: love hotel*, business hotel, rental rooms in or near Kabuki-cho area. Please note that we cannot dispatch our girls to any other places, locations or venues.
*love hotel: a type of short-stay hotel operated primarily for the purpose of allowing guests privacy for sexual activities. There are a lot of love hotels in Kabuki-cho area.
    ② Please inform us of the location of your preferred venue.
  • Please check-in at your preferred hotel or rental room, and let us know the name of the hotel or rental room and your room number.
  • You can choose any hotel you would like as long as your preferred hotel is located in or near Kabuki-cho area.
  • We are happy to give our recommendation for a hotel choice if you are not familiar with Kabuki-cho area.
    ③ Our girl will be visiting your room.
  • Please pay our girl the service fee in cash in Japanese Yen, then after, you can start your play.
  • Your play time = time you spend with our girl (including shower time) in your hotel or rental room.
    ④ Important things to note.
  • Fellatio service will not be available unless you are OK to take shower with our girl.
  • You are free to wear any costume both in “Guri”course and in “Gula” course. (In “Guri” course, our girls are OK to get naked or to not get naked. In“Gula” course, our girls are OK to take off their clothes but NOT for bra & underwear.
  • It is OK for you to have a short break during the play but the short break will be included as part of the service time.
  • Our girls can help you finish with hands, feet or mouth (fellatio).
  • Our salon staff will call your room 10 min prior to the end of the service time, so that our girls have sufficient time to prepare for leaving your room.
  • Our girl must leave your room by the end of the service time.
  • Secret photography, video taking, voice recording are strictly prohibited. If such an illegal act were detected and reported, we will charge you 1,000,000 JPY (Japanese Yen) as a penalty fee.
  • Various School Uniforms
  • Swimsuit
  • Bikini
  • Housemaid Dress
  • Pantyhose
  • Underwear
  • etc.
  • (1,000 JPY for each option)